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Here we will show you how to make spud-guns (they can be VERY DANGEROUS and is for informational uses ONLY!!!!). I claim no liability at all if you proceed further. PARTS LIST 1-3 inch clean out plug pvc or abs 1-3 inch clean out adapter pvc or abs 1-3 to 2 inch reducer pvc or abs 1-1 foot piece of 3 inch schedule 40 pvc or abs pipe 1-2 foot piece of 2 inch schedule 40 pvc or abs pipe 1 can of pvc or abs glue 1 coleman lantern lighter (obtained in any sporting goods store) 1-10 pound bag of potatoes 1 can of aerasol hair spray ASSIMBLY You have to glue all the parts together and let them dry over-night. You will need to file the end of the 2 inch pipe so the potato can be cut easily. You will need a ram-rod to push the potato down the barrel. This can be made out of a broom stick (to prevent the potato from entering the combustion chamber I recommend drilling a hole at the bottom of the barrel and inserting a bolt to stop the potato). Drill a 5/16 hole in the middle of the clean-out plug. To get the sparker in the hole you will have to remove the handle that is held on by a fllat head screw, be careful there is usually a spare flint in the handle. You are now ready to fire you new potato launcher. FIRING INSTRUCIONS I usually spray about 10 quick squirts of hair spray and spin the sparker and BOOM the potato is flying through the air at about 200 mph!!! LEGALITY The ATF have had many questions about the legality of the potato slingers. They said they are not deemed a fire-arm by the design of them and the projectile. however they warn that the uses of the potato guns can be deemed a fire-arm if used in any maner that would in-danger others or if the projectile is a steel ball or something to that manner. However I STRONGLY recommend checking with your local authorities before proceeding!!!

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